Sam and Janet Montage

Mortality is the Greatest Enemy

Rating: PG
Summary: Angst. General Hammond’s vigil as his goddaughter copes with the death of her love.

Philosophical Sunday

Rating: PG
Summary: Lazy Sunday afternoons take on an interesting twist when your day job is saving the planet…

Denim Tush, one careful owner, not for sale

Rating: PG
Summary: Samantha Carter copes with retirement…..

Tell me it's not real

Rating: 12
Summary: What if ‘Heroes’ did happen, but we weren’t the only ones watching Daniel’s video camera?

I'll be home for Christmas...

Rating: PG
Summary: Didn’t the Universe get the memo? Samantha Carter wanted to be home for Christmas….

Lean on us, all of us...

Rating: PG
Summary: The SGC takes a moment to thank their two most special ladies, Sam Carter and Janet Fraiser….

Five Senses - a drabble set

Rating: PG
Summary: The feel, sound, smell, look and taste of a relationship....

Doctors Know Best (SG1/Atlantis Crossover)

Rating: 12
Summary: Now CO of Atlantis, Sam Carter is still in need of medical guidance...and her old friends.

Alien Defence (SG1/JAG Crossover)

Rating: 12
Summary: Samantha Carter needs a lawyer and gets rather more than she might have otherwise expected when the ‘original’ SG1 reform (minus Daniel) for another tangle with the Replicators deep in Asgard space…

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The stories I write are all written from a femslash perspective. If you are a rigid fan of traditional m/f pairings, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. If you are not comfortable with the idea of women being interested or aware of other women in a sexual sense, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. If you are a fan of f/f writing, but like the sex to be more important than the plot, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. My writing is not universally PG rated, but neither is it explicit. There are no PWPs here.

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