Sam and Janet Montage

Five Senses

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Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of SG1 belong to MGM and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down).

Spoiler/Author’s Notes: You've grasped that SG1 goes through a big ring thing to another planet? And you're over that tricky lesbian hurdle? You're good to go then.....
Spoiler/Author's Notes (2): No spoilers. Occasionally, I have the urge to prove I can write something that isn't thousands of words long, so I write a drabble. Thing is, I can't write one drabble...I write a set!

Rating: PG

Summary: The feel, sound, smell, look and taste of a relationship....


Samantha Carter is a highly trained soldier, who some weeks sleeps five nights out of seven in a sleeping bag on another planet. Even in sleep she is tense, alert, prepared to react to danger in a split second, but not now, not tonight, never here.

Samantha Carter is currently fast asleep, possibly dreaming of blue jello, completely relaxed, her body recognising she is safe. It could be due to the feel of the cotton sheets against her naked skin…but maybe, Janet hopes, it’s her, wrapped in her lover’s embrace, that provides the feeling of safety, the sense of peace….


Janet Fraiser MD lost count of how many heartbeats she’d listened to a long time ago. The subtle differences of a healthy heartbeat were lost to her as her ear became focussed only on the wrong rhythms, the rhythms of ill health, the erratic beats of a wounded heart…until now…now, lying here, her ear is tuned again, to the most perfect sound in the world, the sound of Sam’s heartbeat, beating steady and strong as she sleeps… for the woman lucky enough to be trusted to lie with a sleeping Samantha Carter, the steady sounds become the most perfect lullaby.


There are some things in this universe that are constant, and some that are not. Mathematics was constant – two may not always be called two, but multiply it by itself and it would equal four, even if it wasn’t known as four; SG1 being sent to muddy planets in the rainy season seemed, as far as the universe was concerned, to be a constant. The smell of the mud, that seemed to cling to Sam for days after the mission, was always different…but Janet’s presence in the shower as she tried to wash the smell away…that, was constant, was love….


Janet had an uneasy relationship with compliments, having been on the receiving end of far too many insincere utterances from patients, colleagues, lovers…but that was changing. In the dangerous alien environment of the SGC, when she rewrote medical science to save them, her patients were genuinely appreciative, her colleagues genuinely impressed rather than resentful…and her lover? Her lover, Janet had discovered from General Hammond, had been to 542 planets, some of them, more than once.

Why did that matter? Because this morning, when she’d left for work, Sam had told her she was the most beautiful woman in the universe….


Janet hated blueberries with a passion bordering on the irrational: for as long as she could remember, she had actively avoided eating the fruits, or worse, anything flavoured to supposedly taste like them. It hadn’t mattered how they were prepared or served, Janet wouldn’t eat anything that looked or tasted like a blueberry…

Janet has now learnt to like the taste of blueberry, but not the fruit…She still doesn’t really like jello, finding the texture and concept strangely off putting, but she’s made an exception for one flavour, blue, served in a particular way, on Sam’s lips when they kiss….

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