Maca and Esther Montage

Time to show you to my Mountain...

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Spoiler/Authorís Notes: Umm, pretty major for s8 ep6 (the first attempted kiss by Maca) but I'm assuming we've all watched that clip about 1000 times by now...

Rating: PG

Summary: Maca thinks it's time she showed Esther her mountain.

"Maca?" asked Esther hopefully, trudging up to the desk and dumping a heap of folders on the counter.

"There..." explained Theresa, gesturing towards the lounge before helpfully adding, " look tired Esther...". The look she got from the weary Esther as she turned and headed towards the lounge was very expressive, earning a laugh from Rusti, which was quickly silenced by the sharp look that Theresa directed at him. She was a fan of jokes and amusement, but not at her expense...

Pushing open the door to the lounge, Esther was relieved to see Maca sitting on the couch, flicking through some glossy magazine, looking bored rather than exhausted. Whilst it had been a very busy shift for the nursing staff, with lots of general sickness to deal with, there had been little to keep the Pediatrician occupied, and nothing dramatic enough to warrant the rest of the doctors requiring her assistance with their adult patients.

"Maca?" called out Esther hopefully, carefully closing the door behind her, making sure that the door actually closed fully, rather than just catching. They had enough bad luck with finding privacy as it was, without doors spontaneously opening on them, revealing them to the main hospital waiting area.

"Hey..." greeted Maca warmly, turning her head so she could look at her exhausted lover, tossing aside the magazine that had only loosely held her interest.

"Bad day?" she asked kindly, as Esther dropped like a deadweight onto the couch, her pass bouncing against her chest such was the dramatic nature of her collapse.

"Ugh...every sneeze is pneumonia, every stomach pain appendicitis..." grumbled Esther, relaxing back into the couch and closing her eyes, glad to be off her feet and in the relative quiet of the lounge, away from grumbling patients and the bustle of the busy hospital. Amused, Maca watched her lover as she tried to get comfortable but failed miserably. It was fairly obvious to any girlfriend, nevermind a girlfriend with a medical degree, that Esther's neck and shoulders were tired and tense, probably well on the way to giving her a headache.

Finally, Esther had enough, and opened her eyes to glare at her.



"My back hurts..."

"I saw..." There was a long pause as Maca tried to contain her amusement and Esther tried to contain her grumpiness...with little success.



"Arn't you going to rub it for me?"

"Would you like me to?" teased Maca, obediently pushing herself further into the corner of the couch so that Esther could sit at an angle in front of her.

"Yes..." agreed Esther only slightly grumpily, gingerly pushing up from her slumped position and moving so that she was sitting in front of her lover, head already helpfully drooping forwards to make her neck and shoulders seem more accessible.

"Mmm..." It wasn't long before Esther's grumpiness gave way to murmurs of appreciation as her lover's skilled and talented fingers gently began easing the pain that was settling across her shoulders, but especially in the right one.

"Better?" murmured Maca softly, pressing her cheek against Esther's hair and enjoying the softness, but not ceasing her massage, carefully determined to ease her lover's agony.

"Mmm...don't stop..." confirmed Esther, unable to resist arching back slightly into the inviting back rest that Maca's body was providing for her, as, despite her pain and exhaustion, the close proximity of her lover started to affect her, as Maca had done since the very beginning.

"Ok..." agreed Maca happily, enjoying seeing her lover finally start to relax and feeling the knots in Esther's shoulders gradually ease. Never stopping the firm movement of her right hand, Maca gently lifted the hair away from Esther's neck with her left hand, exposing soft, smooth skin which was inviting kisses...something which Maca was keen to concentrate on, pressing tender kiss after tender kiss up the side of Esther's neck and culminating with a gentle, teasing nip on her lover's earlobe.

"Maca..." breathed Esther quietly, instinctively tipping her head to the right to encourage the kisses, making it almost impossible for Maca to continue with her massage.

Drawing her hands away from Esther's shoulders, Maca slipped them around her lover's waist and tenderly guided her willing lover to settle back against her, sharing a gentle embrace, Esther's head resting against Maca's shoulder, her fingers starting to trail delicate patterns over the doctor's clasped hands which were now resting on her stomach.

"Better?" asked Maca quietly, pressing a kiss into Esther's hair.

"Thank you..." confirmed Esther, smiling broadly in gratitude at the much improved state of her shoulders and mood, feeling content and happy inside the protective shelter of the loving embrace. Suddenly, as she began to loose awareness of anything except the feel and smell of her lover, Esther remembered another time they'd shared on this couch...



"You used to offer to give me massages..." teased Esther, attempting to pout a little to try and help her goad her lover into gentle banter for a few moments before regrettably, she had to trudge back to work for one final hour.

"Yes..." agreed Maca, also finding herself remembering that previous time on this couch when, in an identical situation, she'd found herself offering Esther a back rub and, even then, finding the temptation of the nurse's elegant neck too much to resist.

"But now I have to ask?" continued Esther, wondering how easy it would be to get Maca to rise to the tease.

"Yes..." agreed Maca, seeing the sparkle in her lover's eyes despite the attempted pout and recognising what the nurse was up to, "...I was trying to seduce you then..." she murmured huskily, her hands suddenly reminding Esther of their presence on her stomach by sketching a light pattern, the thin fabric of her t shirt doing little to mask the intent behind the caress, which was one of pulse raising passion that only genuine love can fuel.

"You invited me to the mountains..." breathed Esther, arching into Maca's body once more, resigned to the fact that, in a second, she'd lost control of the teasing and not caring at all.

"Yes, I did..." agreed Maca, slipping her fingers under the t shirt so that she could continue her tormenting of tender flesh directly.

"Do you even have a cabin in the mountains?" asked Esther skeptically, determined not to lose total concentration despite her lover's best intentions with nimble fingers.

"Yes..." Maca smiled at Esther's frustration. She knew the nurse hated it when she started only answering the questions literally, not providing the full answers, but she couldn't help herself was just too sweet watching Esther's mild irritation and too fun baiting the flirtation...

"And the naked woman mountain?"

"Is not as spectacular when there is a naked woman with me..." husked Maca, deciding she'd had enough of not being able to kiss anything other than Esther's hair and so helping to ease her lover back up into a sitting position, their bodies angled to face each other, enabling Maca to gently cup Esther's cheek as their eyes locked.

"You're not working tomorrow?"

"No...Monday..." confirmed Esther, pressing kisses to Maca's palm inbetween the softly whispered words, the moment between them inferring quiet whispers rather than loudly spoken sentences.

"You have another hour?"

"Yes..." confirmed Esther, knowing that Maca's shift was already over, making the tired nurse even more reluctant to go back to work. It was just too tempting to curl up with her and start the weekend right one would miss her right?

"Go back to work sweetie..." coaxed Maca, a smile forming on her face as she saw Esther's cloud with frustration as she realised the doctor was now trying to make her stand.

"Maca..." she grumbled, unable to resist the gentle coaxing her lover was giving her far too obliging body to make her stand.

"Hush..." instructed Maca gently, effecting her wish by pressing a quick kiss to Esther's lips, "...I'll be back when you're finished..."

"Where are you going?"

" pack..." explained Maca cryptically, running her fingers through Esther's hair, lifting it away from her face.


"'s time to show you to my mountain..." explained Maca, before leaning in to kiss Esther in what they both regarded to be a 'proper' kiss which soon had Esther's left hand threaded in Maca's hair and...

"Esther...Oh..." Rusti interrupted them, ultimately to neither lady's surprise.

"Coming Rusti..." called Esther, knowing her friend would, having called her, leave them alone again for a moment.

"Go..." encouraged Maca, although she did nothing to support this verbal encouragement, continuing to hold Esther against her, eyes sparkling with emotions which that kiss had done little to temper.

"We're going to the mountains?" asked Esther, letting go in excitement at the thought of heading up to the cabin.

" to work!" encouraged Maca, pressing a quick kiss to Esther's lips before heading to the door, knowing that the faster the exuberant nurse got back to her shift, the faster Maca would be back from their apartment having packed a few items for their spontaneous weekend away.

"Ok..." agreed Esther, heading towards the door, her earlier despondency now replaced by an exuberance that Maca struggled valiantly to resist...despite Esther's best attempts with a playful kiss.

"Tonta..." retorted Maca lovingly, pushing Esther playfully through the now open door, watching with affectionate amusement as she bounded up to the desk and surprised Teresa with her good mood, before heading off to deal with whatever her next patient was. Strolling up to the desk, Maca started to sign out glad that she would be able to complete the process without having to talk to Teresa who had been detained with a telephone call all of a sudden. Quickly finishing her signature with a flourish, Maca turned and headed to get her jacket and helmet, determined now that no one would stop her or delay her departure...she had a bag to pack...and a girlfriend to spoil with love...

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