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Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of fancy.....my bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of SVU belong to Dick Wolf and NBC and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down) Any passing references to Star Trek Voyager are equally, also disclaimed as belonging to their rightful owners, not me.

Spoiler/Author’s Notes: : It's fluff, and was first written in response to a 'debate' on an SVU Alex Olivia list about which the OTP was of Star Trek Voyager. This resulted, and, if it feels familiar, has been hosted at Passion and Perfection for a while....

Rating: PG

The sound of commercials ending and a network trailer running brought Alex out of her light doze...


"You're awake" observed Olivia, glancing away from the TV screen to look at the slightly sleepy blonde currently lying in her lap.

"Almost...TV?" mumbled Alex, pondering whether or not to move. Deciding she'd have to plant her 'pointy' bits in Olivia's 'squidgy' bits, she postponed the manoeuvre until she had a better incentive than just good manners.

"Star Trek marathon" muttered Olivia shrugging, dropping the TV guide on her lover's lap, indicating that the choice was limited and that this was the best option.

"Ah." Satisfied, Alex began flicking through the guide as she half listened to the random dialogue, not sharing Olivia's interest with the premise of the show. After a few minutes fruitless searching, Alex confirmed Olivia's speculation - there really was nothing else on.

Feeling slightly ashamed that she couldn't think of anything more intellectually worthy to contribute to their lazy Sunday afternoon, Alex shoved her little 'Harvard snotty voice' as she sometimes dubbed it aside and turned her head to consider the screen sideways...

"What is that?" she suddenly exclaimed, prompting Olivia to chuckle.

"Seven of Nine's chest…"

"Is it a subset of the character or a free standing entity in its own right?" asked Alex dryly, unable to stop herself from dispassionately comparing the tall blonde character's attributes with her own, less dramatic features.

"I think they wrote a part for a character with large breasts..." began Olivia, enjoying Alex's reaction and not missing the discrete glances the was directing at her own breasts, only to become more serious when she felt a sharp pinch on her thigh from Alex, which she correctly interpreted as being a big hint to stop enjoying this moment quite so much....

"...after all, they are male sci-fi geeks" covered Olivia quickly, slamming down her Detective mask.

Unimpressed, Alex decided that she now had a slightly better understanding of Olivia's interest in the show. More importantly, she decided, this was something that now justified, nay, required her to direct her pointy bits into Olivia's squishy bits and sit up in order to study the screen without creating an interesting double vision effect through her squint glasses. To an accompanying soundtrack of 'oofs' from Olivia, Alex settled comfortably upright against Olivia's side, just in time to see a short, auburn haired character lay her hand on the blonde bombshell's wrist and deliver a motivational speech in what could only be described as a husky voice. Olivia's interest in the show suddenly became a LOT clearer.

"Those two are flirting" stated the ADA resolutely.

"WHAT?" exclaimed Olivia, trying not to visibly shudder.

"They are, look!" Alex pointed at the screen as the dialogue ended, to be replaced with what could only be described as a smouldering look in soft focus between the pair.

"No, no way. She's her mentor, her mother like figure...." began Olivia, struggling to comprehend Alex's suggestion that Janeway and Seven might be a couple.

"Who, the red headed one?"

"Yeah, Janeway...Captain, kick ass hero, liberator and general mother and mentor type figure to Seven of Nine, the blonde one" summarised Olivia, scratching her forehead in bemusement.

"And someone who has a major thing for that blonde!"

"No...." Olivia trailed off, not sure how to further augment her argument, until the next scene appeared....Janeway, Seven and...Torres!

"Torres is the one Seven has a thing for...." began Olivia, only to clarify for Alex "uh, the short one with the funny forehead and dark hair."

"Yellow shoulders?"

"That's the one. Major thing going for Seven, and it's mutual...look!" Delighted at the timing, Olivia couldn't help a smug look cross her face as Seven and Torres began a classic argument, obviously caused by repressed sexual tension.

"They're fighting - they can't stand each other" summarised Alex dismissively after a moment's watching.

"Sexual tension" corrected Olivia.

"They're two strong females, both fighting to be the lead behind that red haired one. It's not sex, it's power and credit they're after, which is a mute point, given that the blonde and the red head are obviously together." Alex was having none of it.

"So you deny that fighting has anything to do with sex?" queried Olivia amused, spotting a huge flaw with Alex's argument.

"Yes" Alex's reply was quick...too quick she suddenly realised, when she felt Olivia's shoulders perk up - it was almost a happy dance!

"When did you decide you wanted to fuck me?" asked Olivia abruptly.

"Olivia!" Alex was surprised to hear the crude language from her lover in this context, but her mind had already responded...

"When was it sweetie?" prompted Olivia, knowing she'd got Alex cornered.

"About 5 seconds after I saw you in your leather jacket."

"Which was when?"

"About ten seconds after I knew of your existence."

"And we had our first fight when?"

"After you'd said three words to me..."

"So, about 30 seconds after we'd been introduced then?" clarified Olivia, sensing victory.

Frustrated, Alex huffed in defeat.

"Fine, I concede, fighting like that" she gestured towards the TV "could be caused by sexual tension."

"I rest my case - Seven and Torres is the way forward" Olivia was smug...too smug, and Alex saw that as a challenge.

"When did you decide you wanted to fuck me?" countered Alex, repeating Olivia's question word for word, also surprising her lover.

"Uhh...right about the time you said Detective and Benson consecutively" admitted Olivia, having a sinking feeling about this line of questioning.

"After about 3 seconds in my presence then?" questioned Alex, trying not to visibly preen.

"Yeah, 'bout that" confirmed Olivia reluctantly.

"And the first time you looked at me for longer than was strictly necessary?"

"Ah, that would be about the same time you said Detective and Benson consecutively" repeated Olivia, ready to concede defeat.

"Touched me?"

"Saying goodbye the first time we met."



"It is because it has been demonstrated....red head and blonde are in love" stated Alex proudly, forcing Olivia to be the one to let out the sigh of frustration....but she really didn't want to concede defeat, not when....

"WHAT ON EARTH?" exclaimed Alex in disbelief, her attention now firmly focussed on the screen, where Seven of Nine (aka blonde with independent chest) was now kissing a plank of wood, which, on closer inspection appeared to be a man (aka Chakotay).

Suddenly, Olivia decided that Janeway/Torres wasn't such an issue anymore. Drawing Alex back against her body and snuggling up, she husked in Alex's ear

"At least we can both agree that Seven of Nine's a lesbian..."

"Who cares who she sleeps with...." agreed Alex, getting distracted as Olivia began to kiss and nibble on her neck.

"...As long as it's not that lump of wood" she finished, just as Olivia's right hand slipped up her t shirt and cupped her breast.

Olivia's hum of agreement was lost in their moans of pleasure as her attentions were refocused on a more hands on exploration of blonde assets...after all....a bird in the hand is worth three in a fic!

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