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Justifiable Homicide

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Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of fancy.....my bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of SVU belong to Dick Wolf and NBC and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down)

Spoiler/Authorís Notes: : Warning - Casey bashing ahead...not to mention fluffiness ....oh, and in case it feels familiar, it's been up at Passion and Perfection for a while....

Rating: PG

"Captain Cragen, is there a good reason why your Detective felt it necessary to discharge her weapon on the afternoon of Thursday last?"

"She felt her personal safety was under immediate and serious threat" explained Don wearily, waiting for this green Internal Affairs Officer to get to the point

"A highly decorated Detective of many years service felt threatened by an unarmed, innocent civilian?"

"The victim was hardly a civilian" protested Don, only to be supported by Alex who muttered

"Or innocent"

"Excuse me?" The Internal Affairs Officer was shocked. As far as she was concerned, it appeared that Detective Benson had begun randomly firing at an ADA, without any provocation whatsoever...

"Perhaps I should explain the uniqueness of the situation..." tried Don, wondering what had happened to his squad all of a sudden

"You do that Captain"

"Detective Benson has, for a long time now, been in a relationship with ADA Cabot, who recently came back from the dead...."

"That, I am aware of Captain....and the relevance is?"

"Casey Novak was throwing herself at my girlfriend!"

"Despite knowing that the detective was already in a relationship?" asked the IAB officer, intrigued


"With you?"


"I still find it hard to believe that Novak would throw herself at Benson, as her fellow detectives have claimed, without receiving some provocation from Benson herself...." began the Officer, skeptical as to the facts here...

Exasperated, Alex stormed over to the door of Cragen's office and flinging it open, yelled


"Yes?" asked Olivia, sauntering over, throwing her pen down on her partnerís desk as she passed and stuffing her fists into her tight jean pocketsÖ

"Oh my...." Before anyone could say anything, the IAB officer was swooning in front of Olivia

"Officer Sanson?" questioned Cragen sharply, trying to get a grip on the situation....only for Alex to achieve it by slapping the Officer...hard.

"Oh, excuse me....." blushing, Sanson took a moment to collect herself.

Shuffling her papers back into her pocket, she straightened and, trying to look as professional as possible, announced...

"I find that Olivia Benson's shooting of Casey Novak was justifiable, and in self defense. I accept that the evidence given by Detective Benson's colleagues was accurate, and that Detective Benson is not guilty of provoking the attention she receives....so long as breathing is not a crime in the State of New York. Excuse me" Sanson left the squad room in a rush.

"What did that mean Alex?" asked Don, bemused

"Justifiable Homicide. Olivia's innocent"

"Good. Back to work people!"

And, as if nothing had happened, the SVU settled down to try and finish off their day without undue incident....

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