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The Great Escape; Janeway/Seven Oh Mamma; Voyager/Buffy Crossover Huh? Did I miss something?; Janeway/Seven When a Sportle meets a Frottle; Janeway/Seven Oink; Janeway/Seven Eyes Front and Centre; Janeway/Seven Beach Patrol; Torres/Seven

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The stories I write are all written from a femslash perspective. If you are a rigid fan of traditional m/f pairings, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. If you are not comfortable with the idea of women being interested or aware of other women in a sexual sense, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. If you are a fan of f/f writing, but like the sex to be more important than the plot, you won't find anything on this site that appeals. My writing is not universally PG rated, but neither is it explicit. There are no PWPs here.

What I write is called fanfiction, because it is fiction, written by a fan. I do not to this for profit, just for fun. All the main characters in my writing belong to other people.