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Eyes Front and Centre

Pairing: Janeway/Seven of Nine

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Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of fancy.....my bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of Star Trek Voyager belong to UPN and Paramount and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down)

Spoiler/Author’s Notes: : Ok, so you might have read Beach Patrol in which I did the unthinkable (for me at least) which was write T/7. In the interests of returning to normal service, I wrote a sequel, in which the badness is undone and we all get to retreat happily into J/7 territory....promise!

Rating: PG

"Enjoy your shore leave Captain," stated the ensign manning the planet side transporter station formally, wondering if the Captain might let slip in conversation where she was going to be taking her leave. Ship scuttlebutt had it that Seven of Nine's bikini was something rather spectacular.....

"I intend to Ensign, thank you," replied Kathryn kindly yet formally, knowing exactly what the young officer was trying to do. It always amazed her how often the younger officers looked disappointed when a senior officer didn't fall for their gentle attempts at finding gossip. What did the ensigns think the senior officers were doing when they were the juniors manning the shore transporter stations?

Smiling at her inner recollections, Janeway strode out across the warm sand, glad she'd transported down with her sandals in her carry bag and not on her feet. Approaching the group of bridge staff, she dropped her bag in front of her before sitting on the vacant spot next to Harry Kim and across from Seven of Nine.

"Captain...." greeted everyone warmly, surprising the redhead. She'd always assumed that becoming Captain would make her crew reluctant to approach or socialise with her, but that was not the case on Voyager...but then stranded in the Delta Quadrant was not exactly Star Fleet's standard mission brief.

"Am I the last?" she asked, looking around and seeing that everyone she'd expected to be there, was. From the Alpha Bridge Shift, Tuvok was the only absentee, preferring to man the Bridge and therefore oversee his security teams whilst the bulk of the crew was planet side.

"Sorry, I guess I was.....you didn't need to wait for me..." began Kathryn, wondering why all the Senior Staff were still gathered around this pile of driftwood which was serving as a useful local landmark on an otherwise endless perfect beach of flawless white sand. Surely they'd have broken off into groups by now?

"We weren't actually Captain...." it was Chakotay who spoke, being elected group spokesman by virtue of rank "...at least, we were because we had decided it might be fun to play volleyball, only we changed our minds, to water polo...."

"Water Polo Chakotay?" queried Kathryn, raising a questioning eyebrow. Whilst it was not unusual for the Senior Staff to engage in a team sport activity at some point during shore leave, it was normally volleyball and definitely land based.

"We thought the sand and sun would make it too hot...playing in the water seemed more sensible..." interrupted Lieutenant Tom Paris quickly, rather pleased with how genuine his reason sounded.

"Fair enough....who are the teams?" asked Kathryn, standing in order to remove her shorts and t-shirt, a move copied by all her officers.

"We thought we'd start guys versus girls..." explained Lieutenant Harry Kim, only to be met with another Janeway glare "...umm, ladies whom we have the pleasure of serving with and who hold higher ranks?" he rephrased, recognising his error. It really didn't work, trying to call Captain Kathryn Janeway a 'girl'.

"Is that fair?" queried Kathryn, trying not to laugh at Harry’s behaviour. He may no longer be an ensign, but he still had moments when she wished to order him to ‘stand at ease before you strain something’. Mentally reviewing the teams....Chakotay, Tom and Harry against B'Elanna, Seven and herself they did appear to be reasonably balanced, in number at least. "We thought we'd start that way and see what happened. No one was prepared to admit to being an ace at it...." explained B'Elanna, emerging from under her t-shirt to reveal her toned body and skimpy bikini.

"Works for me," declared Kathryn, throwing her own t-shirt aside and heading for the water, glad she'd opted for her one piece suit. 'Whilst that bikini is stunning on B'Elanna, I'm not sure how practical it may be for water sports.....whereas this thing....perhaps not as revealing, but at least I won't fall out of it!" thought Kathryn triumphantly, wading into the water, confident her crew would follow.

"You ready Seven?" asked Tom kindly, knowing that Seven was a little nervous of playing the game.

"I believe so Mr. Paris, I just need to remove my over garments. You are sure I am correctly attired B'Elanna?" checked Seven, her eyes locked on the body of her lover, who was currently having a short swim in the warm sea whilst she waited for their game to begin.

"You're perfect Seven.....just toss your shirt aside and walk in....." declared B'Elanna, holding out her hand in encouragement for the blonde.

"Why are the others not accompanying us?" queried Seven nervously, walking carefully through the breakwater.

"They think the view's better from shore...." explained B'Elanna cryptically, causing Seven to remark

"Interesting. Most males aboard Voyager experience bodily reactions consistent with arousal when viewing me from the front. I fail to see how this garment...." here, Seven waved a hand across her chest, which was currently inside the smallest of blue bikinis "....would alter that situation." Seven's dispassionate logic caused B'Elanna to pause in shock, before laughing at what Seven was really saying.

"Well observed Seven, but actually, they're watching the Captain's reaction...." began B'Elanna, only to be interrupted by the Captain swimming up to them.

"My reaction to what?" she asked, not looking at them at first, but concentrating instead of finding her footing on the sea bed and brushing her wet hair back from her forehead. Finally ready, she turned her head back to look straight at Seven.....at least, straight at the section of Seven which was level with Kathryn's eyes.....which, owing to the uneven sea floor meant Kathryn had a perfect view of her lover's creamy cleavage, with absolutely nothing left to anyone's imagination, apart from the colour of Seven's nipples, which were currently behind two blue triangles of material, a missing detail Kathryn's memory was only too happy to provide.

"Kathryn?" Seven was concerned about her lover's somewhat dazed expression and so, in an attempt to discover what the problem was, leant forwards slightly so as to be nearer to Kathryn's height. Unfortunately, that only made Kathryn's predicament even worse, as she now had a perfect view down said perfect cleavage.....

"Kathryn?" tried Seven again, reaching out towards her lover, only to be covered in water.

"Kathryn!" Seven was panicked, there was no Kathryn in front of her. Instead, about a pace away, B'Elanna was helping someone.

"B'Elanna, what happened?" asked Seven, striding through the water, drops running across her toned thighs and down her breasts.

"She fainted Seven.....she fainted.....but she's coming back, the water helped...." explained B'Elanna, trying not to laugh at her dazed Captain who was once again standing up, but resolutely not looking at her lover.

"Please go and put a shirt on darling...." explained Kathryn quietly, unwilling to look at Seven until she was covered with something more substantial.

"Very well. B'Elanna, you said I was correctly dressed. This garment is offensive to the Captain." Seven was obviously upset, and was about to turn on her heal and march through the water back to shore, only to be stopped by B'Elanna's laughter and Kathryn's groan.


"Yes Kathryn?" Seven refused to turn her torso around, obviously she was wearing her bikini wrong.

"Your bikini is spectacular, and that's why I need you to put a shirt on....I can't concentrate...." admitted Kathryn quietly, stunning the blonde.

"You like it?"

"Very much...." husked Kathryn, in a tone that Seven's enhanced hearing was all too quick to identify. Satisfied, the Borg set off towards the shore, saying clearly,

"I will put on a shirt to play water polo, it would not do for Voyager's Captain to drown," prompting laughter from all the Senior Staff, including B'Elanna.

"B'Elanna, could you make sure Ensigns Paris and Kim understand what will happen if they repeat this little story?"

She may have just fainted at the sight of her Borg enhanced girlfriend in a bikini, but Kathryn Janeway was still a Star Fleet Captain, and somehow, B'Elanna Torres knew this was crunch time.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Excellent, shall we play water polo then?"

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