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Bad Girls

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Disclaimer: Not mine. I promise I'm only borrowing them and will return them to their rightful owners whenever they ask for them back. My imagination took a flight of fancy.....my bank account stayed empty. (Seriously, the cast of SVU belong to Dick Wolf and NBC and I'm only borrowing them for some free daydreaming that I wrote down)

Spoiler/Author’s Notes: : It's fluff,in which Olivia grasps the real beauty of Amazon.co.uk and multi-region DVD players….. ....oh, and in case it feels familiar, it's been up at Passion and Perfection for a while....

Rating: PG

"Alex?" Olivia's voice rang out through the loft apartment as she closed the door behind her. The apartment didn't feel empty, showing evidence that the ADA had returned from her office for the day, but the deafening silence seemed to be contradicting the delectable Detective's dependable gut instinct

"Alex?" Olivia called again, noting as she did the haphazardly kicked off shoes next to the discarded briefcase and dropped keys. Alex was home, and had evidently arrived in a rush.

Loathe to call out a third time, Olivia tidied the discarded trappings of their professional personas away before padding bare foot through the apartment, hunting for her wayward lover. Checking their bedroom first, Olivia noticed that Alex, normally eager to change out of her court clothes, hadn't - the faded NYPD t-shirt and jeans she was currently favouring were still carefully laid out expectantly on the chair. A casual glance confirmed the untouched state of the en-suite, not used since their *ahem* intimate ablutions that morning before their respective professional duties.

Curiosity peaked, Olivia stopped to consider the situation with her 'professional' hat on. Listening intently, she finally isolated the low hum of a quiet TV set playing amidst the distant bur of the ever alert New York City, conducting its business on the streets some 10 floors below them, audible through the open window. Every lover has their quirks - some are more easily and readily indulged than others. For Olivia, there were few things that were not loveable about Alex, although her desire to have a window open on even the hottest of New York days, rendering the air conditioning ineffective, occasionally ventured near the list, only for Olivia to quickly remove it. She had, however, drawn the line at learning the lyrics to the ‘Mr Softee’ song so as to be able to sing it as a lullaby to her lover. There were many things she would do in the name of love and indulgence, especially if they were connected to making Alex feel safe after her ordeal in Witness Protection. Ice cream jingles however.....well, the line had to be drawn somewhere.

Satisfied that her love was indeed home, Olivia took the opportunity to change out of her heavy jeans and shirt into some shorts and a t-shirt, before once again venturing out into the main areas of the apartment. Heading towards the den, her acute hearing began picking up snatches of dialogue.....

"Nothing but a screw's pet"

"Oi, Bodybag!"

"Down the block"

in a variety of accents, none of which she were sure could be entirely authentic. Intrigued nevertheless, she continued on her quest, hoping to be able to surprise Alex with her presence.

"Hello love"

"Olivia!" Alex jumped about 3 feet

"What are you watching?"

"My Bad Girls DVDs arrived!" explained Alex excitedly, leaning into the offered kiss before quickly returning her attention to the screen....

"Oh, that British prison drama thing?" Olivia really didn't understand why Alex had been so eager to get a multi-region DVD player especially so she could order the British versions NOW rather than practice patience, let alone rush into the den to watch them immediately.

"Yes, that British prison drama thing" agreed Alex, keeping one eye on the screen

"I still don't get why you would get so excited about that sort of show. I mean, we go to Rikers and spend enough time in cells as it is" continued Olivia, bemused, but nevertheless keeping one eye on the screen as well

"Trust me, it's not the prison bit that's so important" began Alex, winding up to begin a long running debate between the two of them

"How can a prison drama not have the prison bit as an import...." the words died on Olivia's lips

"Oh, wow, um...."

"Yes darling?" queried Alex amused

"They showed this on British TV?"

"About 5 years ago sweetie" confirmed Alex

"Proper TV, not some expensive cable channel?" questioned Olivia, turning her head on one side as if that would help her get a better look

"Mainstream free TV, not too late in the evening either"

"Wow!!" concluded Olivia, blinking as the scene changed to something different


"The short one's kinda cute....."

"Kinda cute?" That was the really wrong thing to say

"....in a very short, brunette with highlights way" clarified Olivia, hoping to avoid trouble

"Good girl"

"Is that it?" asked Olivia, gesturing back to the screen

"It as in what?"

"It as in umm, L Word type plot points" clarified Olivia

"Oh no, that's just the season two finale, there was a 3 season story arc, why?"

"Umm, just curious" If Olivia wasn't blushing, it was only by virtue of her natural colouring

"Curious? You mean you think you might be understanding the non-prison bit now?"

“Perhaps" conceded Olivia

"Curious enough to watch my DVDs with me?"

"Umm depends"


"Will I get in trouble for thinking the short one's cute?"

"No, you're safe. I'm secure in my knowledge that you love me"

"Good. I do…so I can think she's cute and not get slapped?" tried Olivia again, teasing Alex slightly

"Sure" agreed Alex readily....too readily


"Detective?" Alex’s tone was flirtatious

"What do you know that I don't?" Olivia was suspicious

"Oh, apart from the fact that I love you and you love me?"

"Yes, apart from that" Olivia tried to look menacing. Alex tried not to laugh.

"Easy. She has really bad hair and wardrobe in Season 1!"

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