Sara, Catherine, Alex and Olivia Montage

Cold Feet, Cold Case, Warm Hearts

Sometimes, losing everything that you thought was important can be the trigger for gaining so much more...

Some time ago, I found myself musing on two questions:

What would happen if Olivia Benson and Sara Sidle met?
How would the Las Vegas Crime Lab Graveyard Shift be if there was no Gil Grissom?

From those two simple questions, 'Cold Feet, Cold Case, Warm Hearts' has begun. Put simply, it is the crossover fic that isn't a crossover. Instead, it is two stories of the same title written in different fandoms through which a common story is interwoven. If you're a CSI fan, follow the CSI story and enjoy a story that has as a thread, two visitors from New York. Conversely, if you're a SVU fan, follow the SVU story and enjoy a story that will take you on a journey to Las Vegas, meeting new people there. If you're a fan of both fandoms, start at the beginning and read both stories together, flowing from one to the other as the story develops.

Confused? Not to worry, it's not the easiest concept to explain so the best thing to do is try....if you are a reader of both the Catherine/Sara CSI pairing and the Alex/Olivia SVU pairing or just the CSI pairing, I recommend you start at the very beginning with 'CSI part 1' whilst if you're just a reader of the SVU pairing, pick up the SVU story at from the start at 'SVU' part 1. Whichever place you start, just follow the links as you read...and I hope you enjoy...

CSI part 1 SVU part 1

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